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coach resources

  • If your team does not show up for a game, you are responsible for a $50.00 forfeit fee.
  • If a team must forfeit for some reason, and arrangements are made through the director at least one week ahead of time, the team will not be responsible for the forfeit fee, but have a loss recorded for their record.
  • Coaches are responsible for their players and fans at all times.
  • Coaches must promptly get their team to the playing courts on time in order to avoid forfeiting.
  • Only one coach may be up from the bench during the game (1 warning and a technical from the official).
  • Each coach needs to provide one person from each team for keeping score and time.  Please have them see the officials 5 minutes before the game time.
  • Coaches are responsible for all participants and his/her team to have checked in properly with the proper forms signed. Liability will fall on the individual coach if anything happens to a player without a waiver.  Big Cat Basketball League, its Board Members, workers, South Lyon School District, Novi Community Schools, Huron Valley Schools, and Swish Zone will not be responsible for any negligent act of the waiver forms.
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