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Big Cat Basketball strives to be the best run travel league in the state of Michigan to develop all players in the game of basketball and life. Our objective is to achieve this mission by emphasizing player & team development.



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The Big Cat Mission

Big Cat Basketball is a dedicated and community-oriented travel league based in the state of Michigan, committed to fostering both basketball skills and valuable life lessons. Our primary mission is to be the premier travel league in Michigan, focusing on the development of boys and girls in both the sport of basketball and in life itself, with a strong emphasis on player and team growth.

Our core values are the guiding principles that steer our league

Player Development

We cultivate an environment that empowers coaches to instruct the game of basketball effectively through a competitive and well-organized league structure.


We place a high value on good sportsmanship, aiming for all participants to display exemplary character by showing respect to opponents, officials, facilities, and scorekeepers.


We aspire to be a valuable asset to our surrounding communities, aiming to serve and contribute positively to the growth and well-being of our local areas.


We actively seek input and feedback from all stakeholders, including coaches, players, and parents, to ensure the league's continual improvement and responsiveness to the community's needs.


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